Writing Successful Personal Profile: Tips for Men

Published: 05th June 2009
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Attract her attention. Yes, there must be something that should make your profile outstanding, comparing to "male, Aquarius, looking for an attractive.." boring stereotypes. It is your, great and unique personality presented here, so you better make it special.

Skip the details for later! Your personal description must be concise. So try not to waste the allocated for profile space on little details, give only key features of your personality, your interests and desires. If she will find you interesting (and this is one of the main purposes of your profile: to intrigue her), she will ask you about color of your eyes, size of your shoes and everything else that she might feel interesting to know about you. So save the details for her future inquiries.

Only You! When it comes to description of your match, writing in a third person is a bad idea. I will give you an example. "I am looking for someone special, who appreciates order in her life, but when some disorder happens, she takes it easy with a good sense of humor. If she is caught under warm summer rain, she just laughs and enjoys the opportunity to get a little wet." Or, let's say instead "You are special and I am looking for you! You appreciate order in your life, but when you are caught in a warm summer rain you just laugh and enjoy an opportunity to get little wet. If I have got this right about you, please, let me know, I want to hear from you!" You are writing about a person you have never met, and still she will feel that this is about her. In a first example, even if this is about her and she will read it, she still may not feel that way, because it is written in a third person, about some other girl. As a result you may never hear from her. Considering that you have worked hard on your profile and manage to express an essence of your perfect match, you don't want this to happen.

Make her smile. You are not writing this profile for job promotion, so any joke, humor, trick will do you only good. If you have a good sense of humor, make sure that she would know about it from the start.

Mystify! It is hard to predict a woman, but there is a way to stir her interest: women love mysteries. So give it to them! Leave untold parts in your story, leave blanks, stir her curiosity and interest and be assured, she will wink to you or may be even will write you first! If she would fill the gaps in your story with her imagination, she would love to know how good are her guesses, so you will have her attention and this is what your profile is for!

Careful with your exclusion list. The list of those who shall not attempt to contact you must be made with a certain caution. Offering your friendship to all females from 20 to 35 might be too silly, but it will not be much smarter to limit your list to blonde supermodels with Ph.D. in astrophysics. First, if requirements are too high, one can miss his perfect match just because she may think that the author of such profile suffers from some inferiority complex. Second, while nobody is looking for dating ugly ladies, ladies, in their turn, even most beautiful ones, quite often tend to be displeased with themselves. So by posting too demanding profile one is risking to repel (and he will) someone who might be just his perfect match. You certainly don't want such thing to happen.

Your grammar. Yes, grammar is important. Correctly written text is usually taken as granted, text with grammar flaws will be noticed. You can write that you are lost and lonely in your Beverly Hills house, and you need someone to help you to fill at least half of its 8 bedrooms with kids and pets. If you will make a couple mistakes in your profile, your maturity and sincerity will be doubted, even if in reality you are mature and sincere person.

No to sexual boast. By all means avoid any sexual self-advertisement (unless your aim is a 1-2 night relationship). There is no need to tell the world how strong you are in the bedroom: you don't need any silly statements in your profile.

Only the truth! Be honest in your profile and with your photos, you will be rewarded. Lie is something that sooner or later gets recognized, there is no point risking a potentially great relationship with a disgrace.

Brevity as virtue. True, so my tips are close to conclusion. A few final comments, though. Avoid any abbreviations and omissions in your profile. This is not a classified ad (even if you may feel this way), so you will be given enough space for expressing yourself. For the same time your reader, a woman, your potential date will not be interested in even chatting with you, if she will see untidy, half-baked profile. If she will notice some deficiency of attention in your own personal profile, be assured, she will conclude that this would be as well the degree of your attention to her. This is not good. Make your profile neat and concise, and you will get a plenty of winks. Good luck.

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